The Beast Stared Back.

The Beast Stared Back.

To quote Maria Bamford, “These are NOT. SMART. ANIMALS!!”.

It’s funny to say, but here we are 20 weeks into this and the action is just now really starting. Sorry about that. Stupid things like “story” get in the way.

The biggest criticism I get for the comic so far is that people want a more frequent schedule. Believe me, I’d LOVE to do at least two a week. Three times a week would be awesome. I believe I could do it, but the constrictions of the regular freelance load is a little too much at the moment. Allen and I both make comics by day, and until we can start making the mad money off of our giant bug eyed friend, we’ll probably have to keep it as a weekly (There’s a donate button down to your left, and Allen’s selling photo prints on his site… just sayin’!). I hope that can keep everybody happy til that day comes. I really appreciate the loyal readers we already have and hope you guys can keep spreading the word!