The True Danger Of The Swamp.

The True Danger Of The Swamp.

Uh oh… Fight! Fight! Fight!

Battlepug got some coverage from last week. And our good pal, Katie Cook had Dale wear a Battlepug T-Shirt in the latest Gronk comic! Thanks for all the love everybody.

I’ll be at the San Diego Comic Con Next week! I’ll be in and out of the show but most of my time will be spent across the street at Tr!ckster! A pop up store celebrating independent comics creators, Tr!ckster’s mission is one of positivity and sharing, in looking for the best way to showcase, promote, and share talent and ideas in the fields of comics, graphic arts and beyond.

You’ll be able to find Battlepug T-Shirts and my sketchbooks, Ruled & Bride of Ruled there as well! Cool huh?

Thanks again, and keep spreading the Battlepug word!