It's Magic!

It's Magic!

A special “thank you” to all who came out to the Chicago Comic-Con this past weekend. We had a ton of fun. I was really excited at the reaction to Battlepug and to meet so many people who were already reading the comic. For the first time in about ten years, I drew more sketches of pugs and the characters from the strip I made up instead of Spider-Man or Green Lantern. That’s kind of a big deal!

Here’s a picture of a Battlepug fan and I. Really cool meeting you, Jason! Thanks for liking the comic, sir!


I’ve been wanting to post this bit of fan art for a few weeks now, but the piece was being held for me by some friends since the San Diego Comic-Con. This awesome drawing is by Mike Dimayuga. He’s a great artist I met a while back and he’s done some really cool stuff like Tim Seeley’s Colt Noble and the Megalords from Image Comics. You should check out his work here! I love this Battlepug drawing he did. It’s simply amazing!


See you guys Friday for more reader-submitted pugs!