Good Dog!

Good Dog!

Anybody that owns a pet has seen the ol’ “Hey, it’s a creepy bug that terrifying my owner! Let’s play with it by torturing it to death” game, right? Hmmm. Maybe my dogs watch too much Dexter.

Make sure to order a copy of Battlepug Vol.1- Blood and Drool for you and your family! Sorry, I’m told I have to say this until we sell out.

Also, The Curse is out Oct. 17, I can’t recommend this for the little kids in your life (or some of the adults), but I’m told it is funny and that you will laugh if you read it.

Also also, I apologize for the lack of Battlepuggage last Friday. There was big doings here at Miketron2000 Industries that I’ll let you know more about hopefully in the near future.