That Was Not Us.

That Was Not Us.

Kids today.

Now- THIS IS IMPORTANT!- On Tuesday of last week, Shawn (The creator of Shawnimals) Smith’s dog, Remmy, was viciously attacked by two off-leash pitbulls. She was in terrible shape & nearly died. The vet said it was the worst dog attack he’d seen in 15 years. Remmy, seems to finally be doing better, but the vet bills are over 9k already.You can read all about it on his blog.

Shawn and his pup live here in my neighborhood in Chicago, and it’s scary to think that this could’ve happened to me and my little guys. There are some good folks starting a recovery fund for Remmy here. I’m gonna donate, and hope you might as well!

And since I’m asking for favors all over the place, remember to go vote for Battlepug at the Washington Post’s “Best Webcomics of 2011″ poll! We’d greatly appreciate it!