Do I Know You?

Do I Know You?

I really don’t like birds. This next part of the story is going test my own personal dislikes and fears to the test. Lots of unpleasantness to draw… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Have you ordered Battlepug Vol.1 – Blood and Drool yet? Y’know I gotta ask, right?

Aso, if you’re into pugs… and pretty filthy language, maybe consider pre-ordering my 24-hour comic collection due out in October from Oni Press. It’s called The Curse. It’s got were-pirates, zombies, goblins, and pugs (of course). Do it for the pugs!

Also, BP color guru Allen Passalaqua wants to know how you heard about the Battlepug! If you can take a moment, please visit the contact page and just write us a note to tell us how you got here. You can also email Thanks!