I Know.

I Know.

The Kinmundian made a 2013 resolution: Stop taking crap from giant stuff. I think he’s adding in a dash of Patrick Swayze’s Roadhouse philosophy: Be nice… Until it’s time to NOT be nice.

I don’t know how it slipped through the Friday Battlepuggage cracks, but I wanted to add a bit today about long-time BP supporter Tiffany who just went through what all pet owners dread. This is what she posted at the first of the month.


“Thank you for being in my life, for teaching me all about love, for being the best friend that I ever had. Fergie J. Neill, aka Big Baby, Mr. Pillowpaws, Black Sunshine, Mr. Fatty – July 16, 2005 – March 1, 2013″ 


It’s hard to read silly names about goofy dogs and not laugh a bit, but the animals we keep with us are really like family members and their loss is many times just as difficult to deal with. That’s why I post the tributes in the battlepuggage posts. I know it’s a downer sometimes, but look at that face. That buddy brought a lot of happiness to somebody. That’s worth typing some words about. Our thoughts are with Tiffany and everybody else that is going through the same thing. Hug your dog, cat, lizard, ferret, capybara, etc. extra today.