We Could All Use A Good Night's Rest.

We Could All Use A Good Night's Rest.

And there you have it! Another year of Battlepug! Volume III: Sit. Stay. Die! is now concluded. Thank you so much for being part of this comic, everybody. I means the world to me, Allen, and Mr. Crank. I'd say my dogs care too, but let's be honest, they barely remember who I am after a few days away on a vacation.

We're going to take our annual break for a few weeks (or three?) to recharge and catch up, but then VOLUME IV: The Devil's Biscuit will begin! In the meantime, make sure you tell your friends to check out the comic and even purchase the previous two volumes (Vol. III should be in print this summer!) Here's some links

Volume I: Blood and Drool

Volume II: This Savage Bone

According to my master plan, only TWO MORE VOLUMES LEFT after this! Then what? I don't know! I ain't gonna stop making stuff with giant pugs though, that's for sure. But hey, that's ways off, and we're not done with the story yet!