Where's Sprinkles?

Where's Sprinkles?

This has happened to all dog owners, right? Not so much for my pugs as the other dogs I've had in the past. 

Quick update on what's been going on around Battlepug HQ. The new volume is being solicited soon with a release date of sometime in October. Obviously, it will be published by Dark Horse Comics and will feature an introduction by one of my favorite comic writers EVER, Roger Stern. Having Roger do the intro is just… well, it's something that a little Mike Norton growing up in the 80's reading Spider-Man comics would've freaked out about. Adult Mike Norton is actually freaking out as well. 

For those of you who have been vocal about new Battlepug merchandise, I can tell you that there is good news on the horizon, and you'll hear about that soon.


And as always, thank you for reading.