I have a friend named Ryan Browne who makes a comic called God Hates Astronauts. Ryan is a great person and his comic is amazing. You should tell your comic book retailer to order it. However, his cat is a terrible creature. Despite his claims to the contrary, it is an unfriendly monster from the pits of hell. So, I had Bryony slap him.

Over the weekend, I found out that we won our SECOND Harvey Award for best digital comic. I'm not sure I can express the gratitude I have for those of you that voted. We were in a very competitive category this year and I was just waiting to hear that Table Titans had won. Thank you very much, everyone. Crank, Allen and I appreciate it greatly.

I should also mention what a freakin' amazing creator Robb Mommaerts is. I had the pleasure of inking him on a comic called The Lookouts, and he just did TWO Battlepug pieces over on his blog. Go check them out!!!

We'd also appreciate if you'd pre-order Battlepug Vol. III: Sit. Stay. DIE! from your local retailer! 

And make sure you get some Battlepug gear at!

Also, I'll be back in my town of origin, Memphis TN, this weekend for the Memphis Comic Expo. Please come out and see me, Jenny Frison, and Jerry "The King" Lawler's batmobile.