Three Months.

Three Months.

Our new friend has issues, but he's working on them. We'll see if he's successful at it.

My month of travel madness is almost at a close! Last weekend was Iowa City's MidCon and this weekend, I will be in Dublin, Ireland for the Dublin International Comic Expo (D.I.C.E.)! I absolutely LOVE Ireland and can't wait to see all of the creators and fans at the show. Excitement!

Now for some good/bad news! Bad news first, you say? Rip it off like a band-aid, you say? Okay. Well due to my being out of town for almost a week, I'm going to have to skip next week's page. I'm very sorry about that, as it is the first time in the comic's history that I'm skipping a week unplanned. 3+ years is a good record, though.

The good news is BATTLEPUG HATS ARE HERE! Check out for that and more!

Of course, you should also pre-order Vol.III: Sit. Stay. DIE! or I'll cry.