I Know.

I Know.

VIOLENCE!  That guy deserved it anyway.

This past week has been interesting. Aside from being a little painfully busy (as evidenced by the page coming out on Friday!), I've been dealing with the discovery of several outlets selling bootleg pug stuff drawn by me. We managed to get one store to take it down, but there's a store on Redbubble.com that's still selling my Superpug/Batpug drawing as a t-shirt. 

I could go on and on about how wrong this is, but the fact is I'm to busy to care. I think that's how a lot of these places get away with it too. They figure that they can fly under the radar and steal other people's intellectual property. I'm not the first person to have this happen to them though, so I'll just keep on keeping on. But let's get the word out. Tell people when they're doing wrong like that, and please DEFINITELY DON'T BUY ANY OF IT.

Thanks for your support everybody. I appreciate every last one of ya!