Should We Erase 'Em?

Should We Erase 'Em?

Hey! This was supposed to come out LAST WEEK!

Turns out I'm not the only one that's been super busy lately. Color artist extraordinaire, Allen Passalaqua has been teaching a comics coloring class out in California as well as coloring pretty much all the Valiant Comics being published. So, this week is late again. But WE ARE STILL GOING! 

We are humbled and honored to tell you Battlepug was nominated for a Harvey Award for a THIRD time!! We were all in STIFF competition this year! So, while we would love a third statue, we totally understand if our professional voting fans cast a ballot for a super amazing strip like SPACE MULLET! SPAAAAAACCCCEEEEE MMMMUUUUUUULLLLLEEEEEEEETTT!

Now, this is the part where I thank you again for reading and beg for you to buy some books or t-shirts.