It's Both.

It's Both.

Before we go on, maybe I should get your opinion on animal testing… Particularly the magical kind.



Man, we are close to the end. Because of the delays, we’re obviously not going to be ending this volume in February like past years, but I’m hopefully going to be able to post twice a week for a bit to catch up. Sorry about the delays. DC is trying to kill Allen with work.


Speaking of Allen… If you’re on the West coast, come out and see him on February 13th in Lodi, CA for the GRAPE CITY CON. He’ll be there to talk giant pugs with you (or any of the 5,000 things he colors!)


Also, I’d like to take a second to thank my beleaguered editor at Dark Horse Comics, Patrick Thorpe, for putting up with the spottiness of my getting volume 5 ready for print. He is a prince among editors!



As always, go get some t-shirts and books!