And I Should Know

And I Should Know

As of this post, I have 5 pages of Battlepug left two draw. If I let that sink in, I may get a little freaked out. Luckily, I have a lot of other stuff I have to work on. Please bear with Allen and Crank (what a weird expression, when you think about it.) while they scramble to keep up with a writer/artist who has gotten ahead of them for once in the history of this comic!

Don't forget next Wednesday evening at CHALLENGERS COMICS + CONVERSATION in Chicago, IL, I will be signing the new Battlepug exclusive screen prints made by SECRET PANEL. They are really beautiful and I'm super excited.

Also, BIG NEWS- I am coming back to MILWAUKEE PUG FEST this year! That's right. The country's biggest pug get together (that's what they say.) is where I'll be in May. I'm super-excited because Gemma Correll is gonna be there, and I'm a HUGE fan of her work.


As always, get a book! Or a T-shirt!