Aaaaaaand THAT'S it.


So what's next? Uhm... I don't know.

Seriously, though... I am also wrapping up a five year project in REVIVAL, the comic series I created with Tim Seeley at Image Comics. We have 6 more issues of 47 planned to do so if you really wanna see me break down and cry, check me out in about 7 months. After that, I have several projects I want to do. I am working with long time friend and collaborator, Sean McKeever on a creator-owned project we'll be doing soon after as well as one with Phil Hester. I'm also WRITING a new project for Brian Churilla to draw called GRUMBLE. It's about a talking pug (of course!). This, combined with the various Marvel and Valiant things I've been doing, should keep me plenty busy until I figure out exactly how we come back to the world our Kinmundian friend and his giant, furry companion. I really hope you stick around for it all. 

I want to thank Scott Allie at Dark Horse Comics for signing off on the publishing of the book at that company. I also really want to thank my long suffering editor, Patrick Thorpe. I deeply and intensely appreciate you, sir. You really made this so easy to do. Special thanks to assistant editor Cardner, too!

And most of all, I want to thank YOU. I mean, I probably would've put this comic out regardless... But you guys make it a lot more enjoyable. You're the best.


Until next time!