Guided By Another's Hand.

Guided By Another's Hand.

Man, I really don’t know how to put it into words… The Eisner is something I’ve always wanted, but really never thought I’d have. To win it for something that I made up on my own… It’s too great for me to describe. I am truly thankful, appreciative, and humbled by all of the support we’ve received since we started this silly thing. Thank you so, so much.

I was nervous on stage, so I’ll take this spot to really give some credit where it’s due. Allen and Crank are the best. They put up with a lot and are the real reason this comic gets done. Brion Salazar actually built this site so thank him for it looking’ pretty. Thanks to all of my buddies at 4 Star Studios. They’re pretty much my family, and their encouragement was essential to this happening. The great people at Dark Horse are pretty important too! Patrick, Jim, Scott and of course, Mr. Richardson let me print my book there. They’re good people, and I’m excited to do more with them. And obviously, my long suffering girlfriend Julie should get a big “thank you”. She’s the best.

And now a goofy picture of Allen and I at the ceremony.