What Exactly Happened?

What Exactly Happened?

This weekend is the Comic Con International in San Diego, CA! On Friday, the Eisner Awards are held at the convention and I will be in attendance to see if we win (fingers crossed). I’m honestly amazed and over the moon that we were nominated in the first place.

Fingers crossed!

That reminds me! We got nominated for a HARVEY AWARD as well! If you’re a professional, and feel like sharing a little love, by all means, vote for us!

Remember, Battlepug: Vol.1- Blood and Drool is out NOW!!!! You can order it online by clicking here!

Also, my new non-pug related comic (It does have a pit bull and a dachshund in it at some point, though), REVIVAL is out this Wednesday. If you like to occasionally take a break from your ridiculous sword and sorcery comics and sit down with a nice scary comic, this could be for you!