You Are My Legacy.

You Are My Legacy.

I know, I know… What is it with me and killing off everybody’s parents?

Had a fine, fine time in Louisville this past weekend! The people at Derby City Comic-Con put on a great show and if you’re in that area, you should go next time! For those of you that did this year, thanks! Met a lot of new up-and-coming talents for webcomics that we’ll all have to look out for soon.

This week marks the actual FOR REAL THIS TIME release of Battlepug Vol. 1- Blood and Drool at your local comic store. Dark Horse told me that it was going to be released early so I told everybody. Alas, almost as soon as I was told it would be released early, I was told it would be out on the date we originally intended. Oh well, all you need to know is it’s actually coming out! Those who order from Amazon and online get it a week after, I think (not sure why online bookstores do that). If you haven’t ordered it yet, do it now!

Either way, I’m extremely appreciative if you did actually order it. It means a lot!

In the meantime, new stories are about to start! I know where it’s going! Hope you guys like it!