Lesson One: MAGIC

Lesson One: MAGIC

Hey everybody! Anything new?

Yeah, so about the down time. Our site got hacked and it really sidelined us for a while. But thanks to the help of Philip Hofer at Frumph.net, we’re back! Man, it was a crappy week as far as that goes. I think we’re good for now.

Meanwhile, I saw many of you at the San Diego Comic Con. It was really great to see Battlepug and Revival fans. You guys and gals are the BEST! It makes me so happy to see that people actually like this silly stuff I’m making.

Speaking of which, WE ARE NOMINATED FOR A HARVEY AWARD AGAIN! That’s right. Revival got FOUR nominations and Battlepug was nominated for best digital comic again. LET’S WIN IT THIS YEAR! If you’re a professional and are eligible to vote, I sure would appreciate it!

Thanks everybody. Y’all make me happy!