The Final Lesson.

The Final Lesson.

I know reader Amber hasn’t cared much for the “expository dialogue”, which I completely understand. You must have faith that I kinda know what I’m doing, though. Besides, you’ve ruined Colfax’s joke on the next page now!

Speaking of mess-ups. I know! I know! I was given the wrong information about the early release date of Battlepug Vol.II: This Savage Bone. My editor told me it would be last week, but turns out it will actually be this week after all. I suggest you storm the gates at Dark Horse Comics and ask Patrick Thorpe come out and fight you old timey boxer style. But watch out, they have a moat. Filled with all the creatures you THOUGHT Mike Mignola made up just for Hellboy.

Anyways, it’s out this week. Please go buy it. And don’t hate me.

Speaking of not hating me. Please be sure if you’re a professional in the comics biz or know somebody that is that you vote for the Harvey Awards. This week is the last to do so, and Battlepug is nominated for best digital comic again. I’d appreciate the support.