Explain Yourself!

Explain Yourself!

Man, it's been a rough week or so!  

Turns out as soon as I got back from Cincinnati Comic Con, the site went down. I don't know if it was due to the increased eyeballs driven by the Harvey Award win or what. Then after that, it appeared that Wordpress was not acting how it should be-- Something having to do with permissions and stuff on the webhost side of things and then a hack, blah blah blah.  

Anyway, since this stuff has been happening a little too much for me lately, the resident Four Star Studios web genius, Josh Emmons urged me to go to Squarespace. I like squarespace. I even use them for my never-updated personal site. When I went looking for examples of webcomics done on Squarespace, however, there was very little to be found that made me think it would be as flexible as Wordpress. "Well, I'll make a template then!", said Josh. 

So now there's a new site. Pretty cool huh? As you can see it's not much different. Just more streamlined. A lot of the stuff will be added over the week (like book and shirt links as well as social buttons). We weren't able to save the comments, but if you're like me, you won't dwell in the past and just talk a lot about the current page!

Speaking of which, here is the delayed new Battlepug page! 


On a sad note, I discovered through Facebook that friend of the comic and just nice guy in general, Mike Dimayuga, passed away yesterday.  We're a little stunned at the studio about it. He was always very supportive and kind to us and I hope that wherever he is now, he is at peace. 

Here's a drawing of Battlepug Mike D. did when we first started two years ago. He was really good.