We Need Him.

We Need Him.

Hey everybody! How was your weekend? I messed up my ankle and passed out at an outdoor mall. Oh yeah, and we won a Harvey Award!

Believe it or not, they had nothing to do with each other. Just a spot of bad luck on the first part. Other than that, it was an amazing weekend in Cincinnati, OH. The Cincinnati Comic-Con put on a great first year show. It was really cool to meet a lot of you and mean it. Lots of supporters showed up and I am humbled and generally wowed by your help in keeping this little operation going.


So, what’s next then? Who knows? Let’s concentrate on just keeping the comic interesting, huh? Looks like some interesting stuff is about to happen. Also, to the commenter last week, there isn’t a missing page. Just some stuff I don’t want you to know about yet! (SEEEEEECRETS!).