I'm A King, Dammit!

I'm A King, Dammit!

This week's strip was aided by both wrestling superfan/comic shop owner Patrick Brower (Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago, y'all!) and wrestling expert, Aubrey Sitterson! Aubrey runs the world's smartest wrestling talk show, STRAIGHT SHOOT (check it on youtube!) and writes the spacefight fantasy, KING MAUL (also check it out!). Thank you for  your knowledge, friends. It was invaluable in coming up with the next batch of storyline.

Now I know you're all just trying to get over the latest Marvel movie news, but keep in mind that BATTLEPUG VOL.III: SIT. STAY. DIE! COMES OUT TOMORROW!!!! OUR LONG NATIONAL NIGHTMARE IS OVER!!!

Now I gotta start production on Battlepug Vol. IV: The Devil's Biscuit!

As usual, get your copy in stores or online, and make sure to check out the variety of Battlepug gear at superherostuff.com!

And if you're a fan of the Image horror comic that I do with Tim Seeley called REVIVAL, we just put out a series of exclusive screen prints in conjunction with Secretpanel.org. Go over to their site and get yours while they last (which probably won't be that long!)

Thanks for the support, everybody. You're the best!