Thats Good... I Guess?

Thats Good... I Guess?

I stole the name "Turnbuckle the Ogre" from my friend and studio mate, Sean Dove. He never did anything with it anyway. You should check his stuff out, though. He's a great illustrator.

Again, I took much advice from the sage Patrick Brower of Challengers Comics + Conversation and Aubrey Sitterson of Straight Shoot/King Maul! Please check out their stuff. They know their wrestling!

Speaking of wrestling, if you live in Chicago like me and haven't been to The Squared Circle restaurant, you're a dang fool! It's owned by none other than former WWE and TNA Wrestler Lisa Marie Varon. And the milkshakes are amazing.

Also for you wrestle nerds- Check out the comic, Headlocked. DO IT.


Battlepug Vol.III: Sit. Stay. DIE! is out. Let me know what you think! Working on the plans for Volumes IV and V as we speak!

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